Parking Aids Sensors, cameras, front & rear

How Parking Sensors Work Parking Sensors detect obstacles behind you. They can also be fitted to the front of the vehicle with speed sense if you wish, to aid parking and enables smooth manoeuvre to get into those tight spaces without damaging the car call Automotive Solutions for quote.

Using Ultrasonic technology they omit a cone of sound behind the car which bounces off obstructions behind and returns to the sensor, the time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return is how they calculate the remaining distance behind you.

This is the same technology that you will be familiar with having seen fitted as OEM equipment on cars from new.

Front & Rear Camera’s

Camera systems where possible can be fitted to factory screens and using camera’s that match factory look, but if this is not possible we have various solutions to meet your requirements. Please call to discuss the best solution or veiw the gallery below.

OEM Style Reverse Camera Fitted to VW Crafter
OEM Style Rear Parking Sensors Fitted To Rear Of Vehicle (Not Painted)
Rear View Camera Fitted Factory Style To OEM Screen